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Why Inline?

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Why Inline?

Its not hockey.  Although all the elements are there for it to look like hockey it isn't. Its 4 on 4 with no icing or offsides.  Inline is much like basketball, but faster.  There is more room for players to skate and stickhandle and that brings out the creativity in the players.  Also, skating on concrete or tile with wheels creates drag, players have too keep moving.  This builds up leg strength and the endurance required to skate a full shift in inline. 

It is a great sport enjoying popularity all over the world.  The best commentary on it is probably this one from Pavel Barber, stickhandling mentor:  

heybarber Meet @davidlevin71, the #1 pic in the 2015 OHL draft. Currently playing for the Sudbury Wolves.

Levin was born and raised in Israel. He moved to Toronto to play ice hockey when he was 12.

Up til then, he played inline hockey in Israel due to a shortage of arenas. He is now 15 years old (Born 1999). I get pretty tired of hearing people say inline can't help you get better at ice hockey. The excuses that "it's too hard to transition from roller to ice" or "It's too different." The fact is, it helps. It helps a lot. The transferable skills are undeniable, and the amount of deep practice you can add to your training should have you wondering why you don't do it more. The convenience of training is unmatched, and the cost is free or far less depending on the location you train. Its also extremely fun to get outside and train. Getting away from the arena is a good thing. Taking a break from it while still getting better. You should always feel excited when you step onto the ice. It should never get old.

Players like TJ Oshie, Bobby Ryan, Patrick Maroon and countless other NHL players played growing up. The Sedin Twins, Zetteberg, Kronwall, Gustavsson, Franzen, Backstrom and many other pro players train with @Marsblade in the off season.

And lastly, in an interview with Connor McDavid, he mentioned how when he grew up he'd get on his rollerblades a lot and go outside and train. He said it really helped with his skating, and really helped with his stickhandling.

So if you are one of those people who bash inline hockey because its "not real hockey" understand that you are missing out. There's no need to make it "Us vs. Them" (Hockey vs. Inline). This isn't a battle to see which sport is superior. Both sports can compliment each other. Play both, challenge yourself, and have fun out there.

Very few articles have been written on the subject.  Many NHLers and top prospects have used inline skates in office training or participated in local inline leagues, have played in State Wars, or have played at NARCH.  

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